GamerLegion introduced new roster

German multi-gaming organization GamerLegion has officially announced its new CS:GO line-up, which was formed under the leadership of Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl as a coach. The team includes Alfred "RuStY" Karlsson, Sean "eraa" Knutsson, William "mezii" Merriman, Adam "Adam9130" Ahmad and Patrick "Zero" Žúdel .

The 18-year-old eraa became the second Swede in the team along with RuStY, who retained his place after the dissolution of the previous "legionnaires". The British duo mezii and Adam9130 came from Vexed, with whom they parted three months ago. The freshly formed five was staffed by the experienced Zero, who became best known during the HellRaisers.

GamerLegion already debuted in the ESEA MDL S34 league, where they defeated the regular season leaders Sprout and Nemiga. Also the team took part in the recent qualifying for the DreamHack Open Summer 2020, where at the stage 1/8 finals lost to Syman.

The current GamerLegion roster:

 Alfred "RuStY" Karlsson
 Sean "eraa" Knutsson
 William "mezii" Merriman
 Adam "Adam9130" Ahmad
 Patrick "Zero" Žúdel

 Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl (Coach)