Invictus Gaming player accused of intolerance towards LGBT

Chinese eSports player JiaMing "DeStRoYeR" Gu, who currently represents Invictus Gaming team, has been widely criticized on social media after using a knife with the name tag "LGBT Slayer" in the official match. The first to notice the homophobic name of a personal weapon was the PAL Summer 2020 commentator Jason Kaplan.

Twitter users strongly discouraged DeStRoYeR, saying that Counter-Strike has no room for people with this kind of thinking and Valve should punish players for such content. However, some of the panelists noted that the Chinese may have bought a knife and didn't not know what the English acronym for LGBT means.

Kaplan later added to his Twitter post that DeStRoYeR really didn't pay attention to the label because he loaned the skin. The commentator added: "As a professional player you should stick to higher standards and not allow this to happen."