Cloud9 shifted FURIA from the 5th spot at NA RMR ranking

Cloud9 knocked FURIA out of the top five of the current RMR rankings for North America by defeating the Brazilians in a fifth place match at the cs_summit 6 the day before. Cloud9 scored 1,500 points, while FURIA added 1,375 points, which was not enough to keep its place on the list of candidates for major ESL One Rio 2020.

The top four still include Liquid (3650 points), Evil Geniuses (3550), Gen.G (3475) and 100 Thieves (3325).

The North American cs_summit 6 tournament, which took place June 22-July 5, ended in a triumph for Evil Geniuses. In the Grand Final Gen.G lost 0:3 on cards.

Final championship in RMR-series before ESL One Rio 2020 will be held in autumn. The number of points drawn will be increased by 25% compared to cs_summit 6.