North & NiP are out of the playoffs at cs_summit 6

As part of the European RMR tournament cs_summit 6 matches of the first round of the lower bracket have been played. Following their results, the next round of competition will be seeing Heroic and GODSENT.

Heroic defeated North in Danish derby - the match ended 2:0 (16:5 on Dust2, 16:10 on Train) in favor of Kasper "cadiaN" Möller. GODSENT was also stronger on two cards than Ninjas in Pyjamas - 25:23 on Vertigo and 16:9 on Train. Losers in this round will play seventh place among the teams on Thursday.

Actual playoffs bracket:

cs_summit 6 will finish on July 5. This is the second RMR tournament of the season to draw qualifying points for ESL One Rio 2020.