xeta leftTYLOO for VALORANT

TYLOO has announced on social media that it has completed cooperation with Seon-ho "xeta" Song, who has been on the bench since late April due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the official announcement, the South Korean player intends to continue his esports career in VALORANT.

xeta joined TYLOO in January this year, shortly after his contract with MVP PK expired. Together with him, the team competed at IEM Katowice 2020 and ESL Pro League S11, where they finished last. On April 21, Seon-ho was sent to the inactivity together with  Winghei "Freeman" Chong, and Zhenghao "Danking" Lu and Kelong "SLOWLY" Sun took the vacant seats in the Chinese squad.

At the moment there are no confirmed tournaments in TYLOO's schedule. The team is expected to receive direct invite for the not yet announced RMR summer tournament for Asia, as it is the second in the current regional rankings.