seized & clax joined Cyber Legacy

Cyber Legacy officially announced signing of Denis "seized" Kostin and Timur "clax" Sabirov. In the main line-up they replaced Vadim "V4D1M" Panchuk and Stanislav "fostar" Ostashevsky.

On the eve of the newcomers to the Russian club, the insider Alexey "OverDrive" Biryukov called their names. According to his information, seized was previously tested in pro100, which can leave several players at once.

His last professional team was Vega Squadron, in which he spent only four months after joining in April 2019. The 17-year-old clax was granted free agent status a month ago when he left EXTREMUM.

The current roster of Russia Cyber Legacy:

Russia Mikhail "tricky" Krutov
Russia Alexander "glowiing" Matsiyevich
Daniil "nat1ve" Bakin
Russia Denis "seized" Kostin
Russia Timur "clax" Sabirov