CSPPA is forming a mental health hotline for professional CS:GO players

Counter-Strike Professional Players Association (CSPPA) has announced its intention to address the deteriorating mental health of esports athletes. The organization will discuss the mental health care program with teams, tournament operators and leading health universities.

The published statement said one of the first steps in implementing the plans will be to launch a hotline for players who complain about stress and anxiety. Individual and group meetings will also be held to prevent mental disorders.

The day before Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander said that he had long been showing symptoms of stress. The permanent captain of the Astralis team was forced to take a three-month leave of absence in order to restore his health.

The nearest break on the CS:GO competition stage will take place between July 6 and August 6. Holiday dates for players were discussed with representatives of CSPPA, Valve, ESL, Flashpoint, DreamHack and StarLadder.