Renegades Won ESL One: Road to Rio - Oceania

The winner of the rating tournament ESL One: Road to Rio for Oceania is Renegades. In the final match, Chris "dexter" Nonga's team defeated ORDER 2-1 on the cards.

Renegades finished the group stage in first place and went directly to the Grand Final. ORDER took second place in the group and defeated Chiefs in the semi-finals.

The Pacific tournament ESL One: Road to Rio was held from 6 to 10 May. The four strongest representatives of the region shared the prize pool of $10,000 and 5800 points in the RMR rankings.

Distribution of the prize fund:

1.  Renegades – $6,000 + 1600 points
2.  ORDER – $3,000 + 1500 points
3.  Chiefs – $1,000 + 1400 points
4.  Ground Zero – 1300 points