EPL S11 EU & NA. Liquid lost Swole Patrol; OG & 100 Thieves are triumphant

The European and American divisions of ESL Pro League S11 resumed group stage matches. OG and 100 Thieves finished the day with victories over TYLOO & Evil Geniuses respectively and Liquid unexpectedly lost to Swole Patrol.

TYLOO lost their second match in a row - this time to the OG team. At Inferno, the Chinese team lost the first half 10:5 and couldn't rehabilitate themselves in the second - 16:11 in the end. After switching to Dust2, the situation has been even  before the change of sides - the score was 8:7, but in the attack TYLOO managed to take only two rounds - 16:9.

Swole Patrol became the authors of the main sensation of the day by beating Team Liquid, and did it in a fairly confident style. After losing the first half at Vertigo, they gave the opponent only two rounds, ending the map 16:11. On Overpass, chosen by Liquid, Swole Patrol continued to dominate and took the defence 11-4 first, followed by a 16-12 map.

The day's main match brought together the eighth and ninth teams of the world - Evil Geniuses played against 100 Thieves. To determine the winner, they needed all three cards. EG started by winning Inferno 16:12, but on the following two they were weaker than the Australians - Train and Nuke ended not in their favor 16:13 and 16:6 respectively.

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