CS:GO Update Release Notes for 2/25/20

[ UI ]
– Added a game setting to control buy menu starting mouse position.
– Added a game setting to allow ignoring number keys in buy menu.
– Fixed a regression with Mac-10 model preview in buy menu.
– Optimized amount of models loaded for agent scenes in UI.

– Paradrop crates now have a chance to contain a giant money bonus instead of a rifle.
– Enabled visual item pick up effect for some non-weapon items.

– Users can now report players from their own recently played matches provided the demo is viewed from the Watch Tab.
– Matchmaking has been adjusted to increase the weight of Trust Factor. Users with High Trust who experience cheating in their matches going forward should report those experiences to [email protected] with the subject “Cheating in High Trust Matches.” Please include a link to your steam community profile, approximate time of your match and which game mode you were playing.
– Overwatch users should experience significantly fewer obvious spinbot cases.

[ MISC ]
– Adjusted texture UV layout for Desert Eagle world model to fix appearance in buy menu and in the world.
– Speculative fix for an extreme backlog of panorama events on certain CPU configurations (e.g. Intel 7740x).