Valve employee admits problem with trust factor

Developer of CS:GO John McDonald tweeted that Valve is aware of problems in the Trust Factor in the selection of competitive matches and is working to sort them out.

CS:GO community regularly complains about players with different experience in the match, which increases the risk of hitting the cheater server with a new account. Valve's shooter has several measures in place to prevent such situations, including the Trust Factor, which is often questioned as its performance is not disclosed.

The Trust Factor was added to CS:GO in November 2017. It is assigned to each player individually and is determined by analysing the user's past experience in the game and Steam. The indicator affects the optimal selection of competitive matches.

Artificial Intelligence technology has been implemented in matchmaking games since 2018. The add-on to VAC is called VACnet and is a neural network that analyzes the behavior of players directly during the game.