CS:GO sets new peak player record 2nd day in a row

According to Steam Charts portal on February 9 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive another record with 901.305 people at peak has been set. Valve shooter updates the record for the second day in the history of the game to the row: 874,875 players were reached yesterday - the best result in the last four years.

At the same time, the average number of players continues to grow. In January, the average number of players was 501.1 thousand, while in the period until February 9 the number increased to 506.9 thousand.

Auditing indicators CS:GO, starting from February 2019:

The official release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took place on 21 August 2012. On December 7, 2018 the game was made free and a new competition mode called "Forbidden Zone" was added. On November 19, 2019, Operation Shattered Web was launched and will run for sixteen weeks.