Giants will form new roster around fox

Giants owner Jose Ramon Diaz announced tweeted that his organization will not extend contracts with Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira, Christopher "MUTiRiS" Fernandez, Claudio "Cunha" Cunha, Omar "arki" Chaccore and Ricardo "Alm" Almeida. All of the above players and the coach will receive free agent status  December 31.

The new Spanish team will be led by experienced Ricardo "fox" Pacheco, who represents the Giants from September 2018. According to the sources of portal, the management for the first time in the history of its CS:GO division examines players outside the Iberian peninsula.

It is known that Christopher "MUTiRiS" Fernandez, Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira and Omar "arki" Chakkor will continue to play together after their contracts expire. Ricardo "Alm" coach Almeida will also stay with the players.

The current line-up of Giants was completed in August 2019. The team's achievements over the past four months include winning the regional LAN tournaments Master League Portugal S4 and GameGune 21, as well as successful qualifying for the United Masters League S2.