CS:GO player's AI has banned over 14 thousand cheaters

2Eggs, an active member of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community, who received $11,450 reward from Valve a few months ago for his successful search for vulnerabilities, shared the results of his own artificial intelligence development named HestiaNet, aimed at identifying cheaters in the Patrol. The invention helped to ban more than 14.5 thousand dishonest players, and the efficiency was about 98%.

HestiaNet is connected to the 2Eggs account and analyzes the "patrol" matches. Thanks to self-study since 2015, it will now take only a few seconds for artificial intelligence to determine the guilt of the "suspect. The owner does not interfere with the program: HestiaNet issues a verdict, sends a report and stores the SteamID of the potential cheater in a database, which is periodically checked for the presence of a VAC-ban.

CS:GO developers introduced artificial intelligence technology into the game in early 2018. The addition to Valve Anti-Cheat is called VACnet and is a neural network that analyzes the behavior of players during the game.