cs_summit 5 will take place mid December

The fifth cs_summit tournament will take place December 12-15 in Los Angeles, USA. Beyond The Summit announcement does not provide details of the upcoming championship.

It is noteworthy that the dates of cs_summit 5 coincide with the BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019, the list of participants of which has already includes   Liquid,  Astralis &  FaZe. Another team that will go to Bahrain to compete for $500 000 will be determined by the outcome of the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019, where the fight for the last spot between  NiP &  Natus Vincere would occur.

The previous Beyond The Summit CS:GO tournament took May 23-27 this year and has resulted with the victory of   Vitality. Six invited teams fought for the prize fund of $150 000.