BLAST Pro Series grandfinals will take place in Bahrain

The BLAST Pro Series organizers have announced Bahrain as the venue for the final tournament of the 2019 series. The championship will be held on December 13-14 with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the country.

The BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019 in Bahrain will see the teams with the highest score in the special ranking, which takes into account the results of all the tournaments in the 2019 series. Participants will compete in the Single Elimination bracket for a prize pool of $500 000.

Before the BLAST Pro Series in Moscow (September 13-14) and Copenhagen (November 1-2) the rating looks as follows:

1. USA Liquid – 26 points
2. Denmark Astralis – 22 points
3. Europe FaZe – 20 points
4. Sweden NiP – 10 points
5. Brazil MiBR – 8 points
6. Russia Natus Vincere – 6 points
7. North America Cloud9 – 6 points