Windigo Gaming closes csgo rosters

Maxim Bednarsky, co-founder and managing partner of Windigo Gaming, published a statement on Reddit regarding the future of the organization and how the things are going right now.

Hello, I'm Maksym Bednarskyi - coowner of Windigo Gaming, Windigo Arena, Windigo Academy. Today is exactly 2 years of Windigo Gaming existing as an esports organization. We had ups and downs during this time we won big and smaller trophies and we were always holding our positions among best teams in Europe. But unfortunatally we cannot proceed operating and compete on highest level anymore, as of today my partners decided to close Windigo Gaming csgo rosters.

We still didn't get prize money from WESG - deadline for transfer was on 8th of October, they still didnt reply, Alibaba representatives didn't reply as well, without such big cashflow money we just can't pay parts of prizes to players who are already part of other organithations. I want publicly ask other organizations which took part in WESG last year did they get money and if not we should gather to solve this problem together because players shouldn't suffer because of such things. Also we still didnt get EPL S9, S10 prizes and Moche XL prize. As soon as we get prizes to our account we will transfer players their parts as stated in their contracts.

News about Poizon - next week. He is leaving and we already have agreement for his contract. We knew he will not stay thats why we cannot build relevant team only with couple players on contract.

Other players and coaches are free agents starting 01.11.2019

We will not attend nearest tournaments on which we have slots as Windigo Gaming (WePlay!, UML S2, Mostbet, WESG 2020 finals)

As for me personally - I will create my own organization later with talented players which I can develope using my experience. I have offer to build a T1 organization in Canada but I think its better for me to stay in EU. I also can choose to make my new organization in Kyiv Ukraine because I have everything needed here including analysts, coaches, managment and bootcamp. I will look through best options to create something fresh and interesting. I'm persannaly willing to continue competing for trophies with any team I will manage.

If you are interested in partnership with me on creation of new organization pls contact me via my personal email - [email protected]

Earlier Турция, Turkey, TR Buğra "Calyx" Arkin has been excluded from the team after failing the trial period

Former Windigo:

Europe Kamen "Bubble" Kostadinov
Europe Valentin "Payson" Vasilyev
France Ali "hAdji" Haïnouss
Germany Sabit "mirror" Coktasar
Europe Yanko "blocker" Panov

Alexandr "ShockWave" Netreba (coach)

Former Windigo Academy:

Alexander "Psycho" Zlobin
Dimitriy "rage" Bolotov
Sergei "Sergius" Atamanchuk
Alexandr "Shara" Gordeev