ex-Luminosity roster disbanded

Ex-Luminosity players decided to disband. This was announced by the former captain of the team Lucas "steel" Lopez on Twitter, shortly after the announcement of the departure of Joao "felps" Vasconcellos.

Unfortunately, after a personal investment in playing under no tag ECS and with a great deal of help from @Complexity facility – letting us practice at one of the greatest CS facility, we are separating our roster and looking for individual opportunities.

In recent weeks, some organizations have been in touch - and two more precisely, have shown interest in our roster, but I feel that yesterday's game has left us in an uncomfortable position.

I want to make it clear that obviously, yesterday's game does not represent the growth we were expecting, but definitely has pressed the button of being without an org and obviously undermining our image as pro-players.

Therefore, I am open to individual proposals.

The Brazilian team lost support of Luminosity on September 13. The line-up retained its slots for the next seasons of the Esports Championship Series and the ESL Pro League, as Canadian multi-gaming has temporarily retired from CS:GO.