Boltz to Reportedly Join Luminosity Gaming

Ricardo "boltz" Prass is set to rejoin Luminosity Gaming, according to a report Tuesday by VPEsports.

Boltz, according to the report, is expected to replace Gustavo "yeL" Knittel. If the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive move goes through, he will reconvene with former Immortals teammates and twins Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles and Henrique "HEN1" Teles.

Boltz was released from MIBR last Friday. He was benched from the starting lineup earlier in the year once Tarik "tarik" Celik joined from Cloud9. Boltz played for SK Gaming/MIBR from Oct. 24, 2017 until July 14. He won premier trophies at EPICENTER 2017, the inaugural BLAST Pro Series, and ESL Pro League Season 6 as a member of the team.

Luminosity recently finished second to Team Vitality at DreamHack Atlanta.