Team Kinguin Wins DreamHack Montreal

Wiktor " TaZ" Wojtas and his Polish team, Team Kinguin, won its first event together as Kinguin topped ENCE in the grand final of DreamHack Montreal.

During the CS:GO event, Kinguin started in Group A and was taken down by ENCE in its opening matchup. However, the team battled back from this defeat to get wins against eUnited and Red Reserve to qualify for the semifinals.

In the playoffs, Kinguin came up against AGO, which is a rival Polish side for Kinguin. However, AGO was simply not playing at the level that was needed to stay with Kinguin and was beat 2-0.

In the grand final, the rematch between Kinguin and ENCE was set and was bound to be an exciting final series. Although the first map was extremely close and only decided by one round, the second one was more straightforward and Kinguin picked up the 2-0 win.

Although this event does not contain the best of the best teams and is overshadowed by the ongoing FACEIT Major, this is a huge victory for Kinguin. This event does not only legitimize Kinguin as an upcoming and underdog team but also shows that TaZ still got it.