NBK Reportedly on Trial with Cloud9

Nathan "NBK" Schmitt is set to go on trial for Cloud9, according to a report from Vakarm.net, a French CS:GO news website.

With the announcement of G2 allowing Oscar "mixwell" Canellas to explore other options, the report signals that NBK will be out of G2 in exchange for Richard "shox" Papillon's new lineup. Including all of the problems with the other French team EnVyUs, it leaves NBK with few options in his native country.

Cloud9 has also just announced the move of Pujan "FNS" Mehta to the CS:GO team's inactive roster. This puts Cloud9 out of an in-game leader for the team, and the addition of NBK would fill that role that left empty from FNS' departure.

NBK is a player with a very long history of experience and success that he could bring to the struggling North American team. NBK is also known to have good and fluent English, which would eliminate a communication problem that could otherwise arise from bringing in other foreign players.