AZK no longer the French star on Torqued

After being benched following Torqued's lackluster results in Tours, AZK has parted ways with the team.

Keven "AZK" Larivière is longer a part of Joshua "steel" Nissan's Torqued, the player revealed in a Twitlonger late Thursday evening.

This makes AZK the second player to part ways with Torqued after Braxton "swag" Pierce left the squad yesterday following the team's return from a last place finish at DreamHack Open Tours.

In his Twitlonger, AZK mentions that the team benched him on their last day in Europe, resulting in AZK leaving the team after taking some time to reflect. He plans to continue playing CS:GO as he looks to improve, and wishes his ex-teammates good luck while saying "there's no bad blood between us".

The remaining members of Torqued are:

США, United States, US Matt "Pollo" Wilson
Канада, Canada, CA Joshua "steel" Nissan
США, United States, US Kenneth "koosta" Suen
США, United States, US James "JamezIRL" Macaulay (Coach)

The team will have to make haste to figure out a solution to their roster woes with their squad now down to three players. A match against Fam143 for ESEA's MDL is coming up this Sunday, May 27th, and the team also hold a spot at ESL One Belo Horizonte later next month — a well-drilled roster will be needed to put up a fight against the likes of SK, FaZe, and mousesports.