Report: Team Liquid Parent Company Secures $25 Million in Funding

Team Liquid's parent company, aXiomatic, has secured $25 million in funding from various board members after a Series B funding round led by Golden State Warriors board member Bruce Karsh, Jacob Wolf of ESPN reported Tuesday night. 

AXiomatic acquired a huge stake in Team Liquid back in 2016, and was a large part of the team succeeding in joining the franchising NA LCS. The investment looks like it has largely paid off,  as Team Liquid went on to win the spring split.

The team will have to pay $10 million in the next few years to stay in the NA LCS, so investments like this are incredibly helpful.

Karsh said, "With the skillful guidance of my partners and our co-founder and CEO Bruce Stein, I expect aXiomatic and Team Liquid to enjoy a fantastic future," according to Wolf's report.