WESG 2017 World Finals:second stage seeding

The first group stage of WESG 2017 World Finals has come to its conclusion where 28 teams fought each other in 8 groups for the next stage advance towards the major prize pool of $1 500 000. The first group stage has brought us at leat one great senstation - the favourites of group "D" and the whole tournament BrazilSK Gaming could manage to win against  Germany BIG & Russia Team Russia and would be leaving this tournament alongside the weakest teams.

First group stage results:

16 best participants of WESG 2017 World Finals were drawn in groups of four round-robin bo2 format, 2 best teams advance in playoffs.

Second stage groups:

 WESG 2017 World Finals started on March 13th and will end March 18 in Haikou,Hainan,China.