3DMAX secure Skyesports Championship 2024 slot

The penultimate participant of the upcoming LAN tournament Skyesports Championship 2024 has been determined – Bryan "Maka" Canda's squad has secured a ticket to India.

3DMAX won the closed European qualifier for the event. In the final of the competition, the French bested BLEED with a scoreline of 3:1, while before that they prevailed over Sashi and VP.Prodigy.

The final bracket of the qualifier looks as follows:

Skyesports Championship 2024 will be held from July 23 to 29 in the Indian city of Mumbai. Eight rosters will compete for a prize pool of $200,000. The last participant of the competition will be determined based on the results of the closed qualifier in India.

The team list for Skyesports Championship 2024 looks as follows:

 Eternal Fire
 BetBoom Team
 India Qualifier winner