Nemiga win RES Regional Series 5 Europe

Nemiga secured first place in a $100,000 online tournament RES Regional Series 5 Europe. In the final, Aliaksandr "1eeR" Nahorny's squad crushed Rhyno.

En route to the final, Nemiga Gaming also defeated BLEED and Zero Tenacity. In the group stage, the roster prevailed over CYBERSHOKE and Sampi, having entered the playoffs from the first place of the bracket.

For the first place, the team received $50,000 and 100 points in the RES Regional ranking, which will determine the participants of the big LAN tournament RES Regional Champions 2024. The runner-up earned $25,000 and 100 points.

The final playoff bracket of RES Regional Series 5 Europe looks as follows:

The prize pool distribution looks as follows:

1.  Nemiga – $50,000
2.  Rhyno – $25,000
3-4.  CYBERSHOKE – $12.500
3-4.  BLEED – $12.500