IEM Dallas 2024 records 2.5 times more viewers than last year's tournament in Dallas

Recent IEM Dallas 2024 surpassed last year's Counter-Strike 2 event in Dallas in all respects except airtime. Statistics were shared by Esports Charts.

Thus, the peak number of viewers increased by 155% (823,878 in 2024 versus 323,143 in 2023), while the average – by 75% (237,529 versus 135,610). The recent competition also recorded 1.5 times more hours watched (11.9 million versus 7.7 million). The only statistic by which IEM Dallas 2024 was inferior to the last year's event was airtime – the difference is 7 hours in favor of IEM Dallas 2023.

Based on the peak viewership, IEM Dallas 2024 currently ranks third on the list of the most watched Counter-Strike 2 tournaments in 2024.

Note that IEM Dallas 2024 took place from May 27 to June 2 in Dallas, USA. The event featured a total prize pool of $250,000. In the final, G2 bested Vitality with a scoreline of 2:1.