Rumors: F_1N to join PARIVISION

According to unofficial data, Cloud9's former analyst Ivan "F_1N" Kochugov will continue his career in PARIVISION. Insider Vlad "harumi" Radvilovich reported this via his Telegram channel.

According to Radvilovich, F_1N will join PARIVISION as a coach, while the team's current analyst, Renat "hurtslxrd" Saparov, will depart the roster. The club itself has not officially confirmed this information yet.

Note that Kochugov parted ways with Cloud9 at the end of April 2024 on his own initiative, motivating his decision by the fact that he seeks to realize himself as a head coach.

A few weeks ago, Andrey "Jerry" Mekhryakov departed PARIVISION's Counter-Strike 2 starting five – the organization benched him. After this, rumors surfaced on the web that Daniil "alpha" Demin, a player from Team Spirit's youth roster, could become a new member of the team.

 PARIVISION are now:

 Andrey "BELCHONOKK" Yasinskiy
 Robert "Patsi" Isyanov
 Alexey "Qikert" Golubev
 Artem "ArtFr0st" Kharitonov