Valve takes away Prime status from players who did not log into CS2 after release

Counter-Strike 2 developers have begun to take away Prime status from users who have not logged into the game for a long time. This became known after complaints on Reddit and social media accounts.

As a Steam Support employee explained, on May 10, the company started to take away privileges from those players who have never logged into CS2 since it was released.

However, Prime status is deprived only of users who received it for free for reaching level 21. It will not be possible to restore it through Steam Support – Valve declines such requests.

Prime status in CS2 allows you to play ranked matchmaking, as well as receive exclusive souvenirs, items and cases. Previously, it could be obtained for reaching account level 21, but after CS:GO switched to the Free to Play model, it can only be purchased through the in-game store.