NIP CEO about the fifth player: "Confirmed. Everyone is signed and ready to go"

NIP CEO Hicham Chahine confirmed via his Twitter account that the club had decided on a fifth player for the Counter-Strike roster. However, he did not disclose when the team's rookie will be revealed.

Confirmed. Everyone is signed and ready to go. We finally end our self-imposed limbo. We excited, let the games begin!

Note that the restructuring of NIP's lineup started in February with the exclusion of three players and the replacement of the coaching staff. Subsequently, Max "maxster" Jansson and Artem "r1nkle" Moroz were signed.

Amid the uncertainty with the fifth man, the Ninjas played their recent matches with the club's academy member, Maoz "BluePho3nix" Paz. Notably, another representative of the youth team, Kacper "xKacpersky" Gabara, competed at ESL Pro League Season 19, but he only temporarily replaced Fredrik "REZ" Sterner.

 NIP are:

 Fredrik "REZ" Sterner
 Alejandro "alex" Masanet
 Max "maxster" Jansson
 Artem "r1nkle" Moroz

 Richard "Xizt" Landström (coach)