GamerLegion through to ESL Pro League Season 19 playoffs

The Janusz "⁠Snax" Pogorzelski-led roster secured a ticket to the final stage of ESL Pro League Season 19. GamerLegion won the slot by defeating ENCE in the middle bracket final (13:5 on Nuke, 13:10 on Overpass) of Group C.

In addition, the first knockout match played out today in Group C: FURIA prevailed over Bad News Kangaroos with a scoreline of 2:0 in the first round of the lower bracket (13:6 on Inferno, 13:6 on Mirage).

Thus, Bad News Kangaroos got eliminated from the tournament, taking last place, while FURIA advanced to the next round, where they will face ENCE on May 4.

The current Group C bracket looks as follows:

The results, schedule and live broadcast of ESL Pro League Season 19 can be found at via the link.