Falcons and fnatic leave ESL Pro League Season 19

Falcons and fnatic got eliminated from ESL Pro League Season 19. The European teams no longer have a chance to continue competing after suffering losses in the lower bracket semi-finals of their groups.

In Group A, fnatic was defeated by Virtus.pro with a scoreline of 0:2 – 14:16 on Vertigo and 6:13 on Anubis. The Bears advanced to the lower bracket final, where they will fight for the last playoff spot against the winner of the Eternal Fire – SAW matchup.

The current group A bracket looks as follows:

Falcons lost the Group B match against G2 with a scoreline of 1:2 – 16:13 on Vertigo, 3:13 on Anubis and 5:13 on Nuke. At the same time, the Samurai are now one step away from qualifying for the playoffs, having reached the lower bracket final, where they will face the strongest roster from the M80 – TYLOO match.

The current group B bracket looks as follows:

The results, schedule and live broadcast of ESL Pro League Season 19 can be found at CSGO.com via the link.