paiN, Imperial and MIBR improve their positions in HLTV ranking

HLTV has updated its ranking of the world's strongest teams once again. Over the past week, the biggest progress was shown by the Brazilian teams paiN, Imperial and MIBR, which made up the top 3 at Global Esports Tour Rio 2024.

The winner of the recent LAN tournament, paiN, now occupies No. 12. At the same time, Imperial and MIBR rose to 15th and 20th places, respectively.

The top ten teams in the HLTV ranking remained unchanged. The leader is still FaZe, which retained the maximum score of 1000 points.

HLTV's ranking is updated weekly and primarily takes into account the results of the last two months. Teams' achievements over the past year are also considered, with the number of points for past successes decreasing each month.