IHC forms new Mongolian lineup

Mongolian club IHC announced via its social media account its return to the Counter-Strike pro scene with a new roster. The team includes both experienced and less-known players from Mongolia.

The core of the squad consists of Ariunjargal "ariucle" Yadam, Undrakhbayar "ROUX" Zolbayar and Otgonlhagva "AccuracyTG" Batjargal, who have shown themselves by representing MAG, Eruption and ATOX, respectively. The team was rounded out with the 17-year-old up-and-coming esports athletes Zol-Erdene "Wonderzce" Shijirbaatar and Tugserdene "Efire" Erdenebold.

The new IHC lineup has already debuted at the Mongolian tournament ESN National Championship 2024. Local giants in The Huns, ATOX and TheMongolz remained on the team's path to securing the trophy.

 IHC now:

Ariunjargal "ariucle" Yadam
Undrakhbayar "ROUX" Zolbayar
Otgonlhagva "AccuracyTG" Batjargal
Zol-Erdene "Wonderzce" Shijirbaatar
Tugserdene "Efire" Erdenebold

Origin: twitter.com