hally about donk's emotional behaviour: "Less and less negativity towards the opponent"

Team Spirit's coach Sergey "hally" Shavaev commented in a video for the club's YouTube channel on the emotional behavior of the team's player Danil "donk" Kryshkovets at IEM Katowice 2024. According to the coach of the Dragons, he sees progress in the young esports athlete's self-control from match to match.

The situation is that a 17 year old lad arrives who is starved for wins and on fire for the game. And that is his dream. He does his best, sometimes he is overwhelmed with emotion. And he can shout out words that get smaller and smaller with each match. You compare a few tournaments, you can see he's progressing in this area with each match. And there's less and less negativity towards the opponent. In this case, if you compare us to other teams, it's normal for people to cheer on their teammates. And sometimes they express their negative emotions. And that's okay. And what other people say is none of our business, it's their opinion. I think everyone needs to watch themselves and we'll sort out our own problem.

Note that during the group stage of the tournament in Katowice, donk's abrupt screams were criticised in the community. In particular, a number of professionals have shared the opinion, according to which overly emotional behavior could negatively affect the career of the 17-year-old Russian, who is considered the main rising star of Counter-Strike.

The video has English subtitles.