juliano and kyossa join BIG EQUIPA

German organization BIG announced via its official website fresh signings to the women's roster. Julia "juliano" Kiran and Alexandra "kyossa" Tykhonska joined the BIG EQUIPA roster.

Previously, the girls represented G2 Oya, but at the end of last year the Samurai disbanded the team. The Swede and the Ukrainian competed together for nine months, winning ESL Impact Summer 2023 Cash Cup 4 Europe.

Note that Kiran and Tykhonska have already debuted for the new team at ESL Impact Winter 2024 Cash Cup 2 Europe, securing the trophy. Now BIG EQUIPA will prepare for the 5th season of ESL Impact League, which will kick off on March 6.

 BIG EQUIPA are now:

Jennifer "⁠JennyR⁠" Irina Brea Rodriguez
Ana "⁠Zana⁠" Queiroz
Paulie "⁠pauliiee⁠" Barazani
Julia "juliano" Kiran
Alexandra "kyossa" Tykhonska

Jonathan "⁠MusambaN1⁠" Torrent (coach)

Origin: bigclan.gg