00NATION acquires stake in Guild

Norwegian organization 00NATION invested about £500K in Guild, as discovered by Esports Insider journalists.

00NATION has reportedly acquired 100 million Guild's shares, receiving an ownership stake of 13.5%. The deal took place in October of 2023, but the name of the investor has been revealed only after the disclosure of information in accordance with British law.

Clubs are considering closer collaboration and integration into joint activities, potentially creating a conflict of interest between organizations' CS2 rosters. It remains to be seen how Valve and the organizers will react to the news, since companies are prohibited from fielding several of their rosters at the same tournaments.

As a reminder, Guild expanded its presence on the pro scene in November 2023. Then the British club acquired the Bad News Eagles roster. In turn, 00NATION has been represented in Counter-Strike since 2021, when the organization was acquired by Nordavind.

Origin: esportsinsider.com