SZPERO to continue his career as Rebels coach

Polish ex-esports athlete Grzegorz "⁠SZPERO⁠" Dziamałek, who only recently retired as a player, has been revealed as the coach of Rebels. The corresponding announcement was published on the club's social media accounts.

BLUEJAYS' former coach Antonio "Cr0n0s" Soriano has joined the coaching staff along with Dziamałek. The Spanish specialist has been invited to the position of a performance coach.

Commenting on the announcement, SZPERO⁠ said that he has already joined the team at the bootcamp in Madrid, where they will prepare for IEM Katowice 2024.

I can officially announce that I have become the head coach of Rebels Gaming. I always enjoyed building the teams in CSGO, and once the proposition of becoming a coach of the team appeared, I decided to accept the new challenge and see how I could manage in a new role. I would like to say thank you for the trust, and the opportunity to represent such a great organization as Rebels. I'm with the team at the bootcamp in Madrid where we are preparing for IEM Katowice. I'm enjoying the new role, and I'm very positive about the future as the team has a lot of potential, which I believe I can help unleash.

The tournament in Katowice, featuring the debut of both Rebels in Counter-Strike and SZPERO as a coach, will take place from January 31 to February 11. The Polish squad will kick off the competition from the Play-In stage, starting with a match against Cloud9.

 Rebels are now:

 Patryk "olimp" Woźniak
 Rafał "sNx" Snopek
 Alan "Flayy" Krupa
 Kamil "kisserek" Banak
 Mariusz "casey" Jarząb

 Grzegorz "⁠SZPERO⁠" Dziamałek (coach)