Heroic, SINNERS, PERA and IKLA through to closed qualifier for Europe RMR

Heroic, SINNERS, PERA and IKLA advanced to the closed qualifier for the European RMR tournament. The teams managed to succeed in the second open qualifier, which took place online from January 10 to 11.

In the match for the slot, Heroic bested sYnck, while the Czech roster defeated ILIN. In turn, PERA got the better of Anonymo, while the IKLA took over Space.

Note that two more open qualifiers will be held in Europe. Each of them will feature four spots at the closed qualifiers.

The team list for the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 closed European qualifiers looks as follows:

 Team Spirit
 Eternal Fire
 9 Pandas
+ 8 teams from open qualifiers are