ESL to implement draft system for inviting partners to China and Dallas events

Tournament operator ESL announced via its official website changes to the system of inviting partner teams to the upcoming IEM tournaments in China and Dallas. With these innovations, the organizers will introduce a roster draft process.

Reportedly, the system will only be implemented at the IEM China 2024 and IEM Dallas 2024 tournaments, which will take place in April and May-June, respectively. The draft process will apply to twelve slots for participants of the so-called Louvre Agreement – six for each event.

The draft system will be based on the teams' position in the ESL ranking. Squads from the top 20 will receive a privileged right to invite, while in case of refusal, the slot will be given to the next partner in the ranking.

In 2024, when the number of available spots (12) exceeds the number of eligible partner teams (10), the top two rosters in the ESL ranking will be invited to both tournaments.

Note that previously ESL also made changes to the process of selecting and distributing slots for its main events, which will take place in 2024. The innovations also apply to the upcoming IEM Katowice 2024, scheduled for January 31 – February 11.