"Who will pay the most". Monte CEO tells about bidding for BLAST Premier slots

Monte CEO Dmytro Vovk commented on the bidding process for BLAST Premier partner slots. In a comment to the Telegram channel SHTAB CS2, the Ukrainian club's head told that amid high competition, the tournament operator gave preference to the teams that offered the largest sums.

We were considering purchasing a slot, but the competition was high and, in fact, it had to be a bidding in a "who will pay the most" format. While we were looking for profitable options for ourselves, other teams bought their BLAST spots for huge sums. It is not profitable for anyone, including us.

Earlier today, tournament operator BLAST revealed Team Spirit, Virtus.pro, Falcons and GamerLegion as its new partners, which acquired their slots through publicly announced bidding process. Thus, two top teams were left without guaranteed BLAST Premier spots in 2024, namely MOUZ (3rd place in the world ranking) and Monte (6th place).

Notably, BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 will take place from January 22 to 28 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Astralis, NIP, G2, OG, Vitality, NAVI, FaZe, Complexity, Liquid, Heroic, BIG, Cloud9, Team Spirit, Virtus.pro, Falcons, and GamerLegion will compete for a $190k prize pool and berths in the spring season final.

Origin: t.me