List of nominees for title of best players in each role revealed has announced a list of nominees who will compete for the title of the best player in each respective role, as well as the best highlight of 2023. A list of three nominees was revealed for the following categories: anchor, AWPer, IGL, opener, closer and coach.

The winners of each nomination will be announced on January 13 during the HLTV Award Show 2023. They will be chosen by a specially selected jury, which consists of the pro scene representatives, analysts, broadcasters and staff.

Nominees for the Anchor of the year title are:

  • Shahar "flameZ" Shushan (OG/Vitality)
  • Emil "Magisk" Reif (Vitality/Falcons)
  • Justin "jks" Savage (G2)

Nominees for the AWPer of the year title are:

  • Helvijs "⁠broky" Saukants(FaZe)
  • Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut (Vitality)
  • Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov (G2)

Nominees for the IGL of the year title are:

  •  Dan "apEX" Madesclaire (Vitality)
  • Finn "karrigan" Andersen (FaZe)
  • Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer (ENCE/Falcons)

Nominees for the Opener of the year title are:

  • Nikola "NiKo" Kovač (G2)
  • Håvard "rain" Nygaard (FaZe)
  • Dorian "xertioN" Berman (MOUZ)

Nominees for the Closer of the year title are:

  • Robin "ropz" Kool (FaZe)
  • Lotan "Spinx" Giladi (Vitality)
  • David "frozen" Čerňanský (MOUZ/FaZe)

Nominees for the Coach of the year title are:

  • Danny "zonic" Sørensen (Vitality/Falcons)
  • Eetu "sAw" Saha (ENCE/Heroic)
  • Dennis "sycrone" Nielsen (MOUZ)

Nominees for the Highlight of the year title are:

HLTV Award Show 2023 will take place on January 13, 2024 in Belgrade, Serbia. At the ceremony, will sum up the year on the competitive scene as well as name the best player of 2023.