ESL adds conflicts of interest clauses in updated rulebook for 2024

Tournament operator ESL has approved on its official website an updated rulebook for 2024. In particular, the new sections reinforce the concept of conflicts of interest between team members and staff.

Clause 2.12.1 specifies that team players and coaches cannot have any financial interest in the success of any other participant of competition. In other words, they are prohibited from owning or being involved in the activities of other rosters that compete at the same events as them.

Clause 2.12.2 extends a similar prohibition for team staff. This means that club owners cannot field several of their squads at the same tournament. However, ESL may make an exception if extremely minimal or unintentional involvement in the ownership of one of the rosters is proven.

The updated rulebook serves as a response to the acquisition of FaZe by the GameSquare holding, which owns Complexity. Previously, the tournament operator promised to look into the matter for conflicts of interest.

Note that yesterday, December 20, reports emerged about Complexity's CEO and founder, Jason Lake, expressing interest in to buying out the organization from GameSquare. The businessman has already begun searching for investors for the deal.