HLTV.org: MartinezSa to join 9z

Spanish AWPer Antonio "MartinezSa " Martinez will continue his career with 9z, as reported by HLTV.org.

MartinezSa is expected to depart Movistar Riders. At the same time, the organization is already searching for a new sniper. According to rumors, FTW's Renato "stadodo" Gonçalves could become the team's fifth player.

In turn, 9z has been in the market for a new AWPer for a while. Back in October, Santino "try" Rigal stepped down from the starting five due to health issues. Then the Argentine club looked to sign Lucas "nqz" Soares, but the Brazilian eventually joined paiN.

9z's suggested lineup looks as follows:

 Franco "dgt" Garcia
 Maximilian "max" Gonzalez
 Nicolás "buda" Kramer
 Matias "HUASOPEEK" Ibañez Hernandez
Antonio "MartinezSa " Martinez

 Gustavo "tge" Motta (coach)

Origin: www.hltv.org