1,378,447 users – CS:GO’s new player count record

Today, March 5, CS:GO has set a new player count record as the SteamDB service recorded 1,378,447 concurrent players on the servers of Valve’s shooter.

The new peak player count continued a series of records, which had been broken for the first time in three years in early February, and updated five times over the following four weeks. The previous record of 1,365,274 users was set yesterday, March 5.

Along with the peak player count, the game's average player count is also growing. In February, it reached 805K, which is 52.5K less than the record set in April 2020.

Earlier CS:GO’s developers commented on the popularity of the game, which is still growing even ten years after the release. “It takes minutes to understand, but an eternity to master,” wrote the official Twitter account of Valve’s shooter.

Origin: steamdb.info