1,365,274 users – CS:GO's new peak player count

Today, March 4, CS:GO set a new player count record as SteamDB recorded 1,365,274 concurrent users on the servers of Valve's shooter.

This is the fifth time the record has been beaten over the past four weeks. The previous peak player count of 1,355,797 users was recorded on February 26th.

Along with the peak player count, the game's average player count is also growing. In February, this statistics reached 805k, which was still 52.5k less than the record set three years ago.

Previously, CS:GO's developers commented on the increased popularity of the game. The official CS:GO Twitter account shared that the secret of success lies in the simple-to-understand gameplay, which at the same time provides players with an unlimited potential for improving their skills.

Origin: steamdb.info