AGO sign los kogutos

AGO has shared via their social media accounts the information on signing contracts with the Polish roster which previously competed under the los kogutos tag.

AGO announced the signing of the new roster a month after parting ways with the previous lineup’s core in Eryc "leman" Kocęba, Tomasz "phr" Wójcik and Michał "⁠snatchie⁠" Rudzki, as well as coach, Miłosz "sh3nanigan" Klimczak.

Prior to joining AGO, los kogutos competed primarily at the tier 3 scene, where they won several online tournaments. The Poles gained notoriety during the qualifying cycle for IEM Rio Major 2022, where they managed to secure a sensational victory over Astralis.

The first matches of the Polish five under the AGO banner will be held at ESEA Advanced Season 44 Europe, where the team is currently playing with a 7-5 record.

 AGO's current lineup is:

 Tomasz "⁠tomiko⁠" Uroda
 Wojciech "⁠darchevile⁠" Klęba
 Karol "⁠Enzo⁠" Lasota
 Martin "⁠maaryy⁠" Nakonieczny
 Mateusz "⁠asran⁠" Niewiatowski