AGO part ways with three players and coach

Polish organization AGO has announced via its social media accounts the major changes in the roster. Three players and the coach left the team.

The move sees the exit of Eryk "leman" Kocęba, Tomasz "phr" Wójcik, Michał "⁠snatchie⁠" Rudzki and Miłosz "sh3nanigan" Klimczak. As of now, it is uncertain who will take the vacated spots.

AGO decided to rebuild the team five months after the creation of the new roster. During this period, the Polish squad did not show any significant results, with their greatest achievement being a 3-4th place finish at the national championship ESL Polish Championship Autumn 2022.

 AGO are currently:

 Damian "Furlan" Kisłowski
 Grzegorz "jedqr" Jędras