HLTV.org unveils best teams of 2022 ranking

HLTV.org has unveiled on its official website the ranking of the twenty strongest teams in the CS:GO pro scene in 2022.

Places in the ranking were determined based on the total number of points earned by the squad and the average points gained per notable event in 2022.

The authors published the infographic showing how many points each team earned along with their positions. Within the top 20, what stands out the most is the lead of FaZe and NAVI, who were consistent with their good results throughout the year.

The ranking of the best teams of 2022 according to HLTV.org looks as follows:

Previously HLTV.org summed up other results for 2022 in the pro scene. The best players in the world, the Best five of the year and a number of winners in other categories were named as part of a special awards ceremony.

Origin: www.hltv.org