TYLOO becomes last participant of ESL Challenger Jönköping 2023

Chinese team TYLOO became the last participant of ESL Challenger Jönköping 2023. In the final of the Asian closed qualifier, the team defeated TheMongolz with a scoreline of 2:1 – 13:7 on Nuke, 6:13 on Mirage and 13:10 on Overpass.

TYLOO went undefeated in the qualifier, also securing victories against Wings Up and TheMongolz.

The results of the Asian closed qualifier are:

Notably, ESL Challenger Jönköping 2023 is scheduled to play out from November 24-26 in Jönköping, Sweden. Eight teams, half of which received direct invites, will compete for a prize pool of $100K.

The team list for ESL Challenger Jönköping 2023 looks as follows:

 Eternal Fire